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Independent Financial Consulting, Inc.


Founded in 1992, Independent Financial Consulting, Inc. was named to reflect our primary purpose: To be independent financial consultants who always put the interests and needs of our clients, first.  

For over 30 years, IFC has been living up to our namesake. Building a reputation of expertise, integrity, and trust, our firm delivers objectivity and experience that our clients appreciate and depend on. Relying on us to help them make sound financial decisions, our clients trust us to guide them through the uncertainties of life. IFC can help you visualize your future and provide you with a strategy that will transform your vision into reality.

IFC is also at the helm of industry innovation and utilizes technology that supports young careerists in mapping out their long-term future success. We are able to provide a full range of financial services for anyone who wants to preserve and build their financial assets, regardless of age and proximity to retirement. Our investment process is designed to provide you with a profile of your current financial standing, as well as information about how we can help you plan your future financial goals.               

As of December 31, 2023, we manage total client assets of over one hundred ten million dollars, for individual and institutional investors. We work to build ongoing relationships with each investor to assure his or her needs are being met. As a leading financial services firm with Osaic Wealth Inc., active in our community, Milford, Connecticut, we also have a branch office location in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Our clients look to us for knowledgeable advice, sophisticated money management, and above all, integrity.

Ultimately, our job is about you—prioritizing your goals, understanding your needs, and placing your interests first and foremost in every recommendation that we make. We are always here for you, providing the key to your financial future.

Become part of our story, by investing in your own, today.